Penduline Hand Gel (70% Ethyl Alcohol) 75 ml order
30.00 E£ 30.00 E£ 30.0 EGP
Penduline Hand sanitizing gel ( 70% Ethyl Alcohol) for full protection for children and adults against enveloped virus including corona virus, eradicates 99.99% of germs.
Penduline Water Baby Wipes 70 order
59.00 E£ 59.00 E£ 59.0 EGP
مناديل بيندولين المبللة باكلانديولا و الأنتوين
Penduline Baby Skin Oil 120ml order
68.99 E£ 68.99 E£ 68.99 EGP
زيت مرطب لبشرة الأطفال من بيندولين
Penduline Baby Body lotion 200 ml order
89.00 E£ 89.00 E£ 89.0 EGP
• The 1st Body lotion in market contains natural moisturizing factors, Vitamin B3 plus bees wax.
• Ultimate skin moisturizer and long lasting moisturization.
• Provides anti-inflammatory features and protection from skin irritation.
• Natural body lotion and free from Paraben and mineral oils.
• Soft Creamer texture and fast absorption with no stickiness feeling.
• Soft touch long lasting scent.
• Safe from day 1.